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Deep Install Graphics

deep install graphics
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A graphics community for vkei artists, pretty asian boys, and good artwork =)
deep installDeep Install Graphics is a collaboration between two long-time partners in crime and self-professed fangirls, bonedoll (rock wannabe) and pavarian (fangirl across disciplines).
WallpapersIconsTagsLayout CreditProfile Codes Credit A thirteen-hour time difference does not stand in the way of mutual spamming and delirious musings. The turning point has come, and we have decided to spam the world with our graphics.

The name of this community is taken from the lyrics of TRICK by our current obsession, Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Access like a stolen kiss | We deep deep deep install
It cracked bonedoll up so much she couldn't get over it for the entire chat duration. pavarian went one up by actually deriving something cool from it for this community.

Expect to see much spammage from our fandoms. You're talking J-Rock (X Japan, Luna Sea, Glay, L'Arc, PLastic Tree, Gackt etc etc.), yaoi (homin, yunjae, harry/draco, junjou romantica..), and anime/manga (anything with pretty boys, really =)). Enjoy your stay~~~ =)